State of the Nation 2008

Annex : Building Canada's Advantages

In its 2007 S&T Strategy, Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage, the Government of Canada committed to fostering three specific S&T advantages for Canada:

  • Entrepreneurial advantage: Canada must translate knowledge into practical applications to improve our wealth, wellness and well-being.
  • Knowledge advantage: Canadians must build upon our research and engineering strengths, generate new ideas and innovations, and achieve excellence by global standards.
  • People advantage: Canada must grow its base of knowledge workers by developing, attracting and retaining the highly skilled people we need to thrive in the modern global economy.

As described in the Strategy, science, technology and innovation leadership must follow an approach that includes the following principles:

  • Promoting world-class excellence: Canada must ensure that it inspires and assists Canadians to perform at world-class levels of scientific and technological excellence.
  • Focusing on priorities: Canada must continue to play an important role in supporting basic research across a broad spectrum of science. To enhance our success, we must be more focused and strategic — targeting more basic and applied research in areas of strength and opportunity.
  • Encouraging partnerships: Canada must support S&T collaborations involving the business, academic and public sectors, at home and abroad. Partnerships are essential to lever Canadian efforts into world-class successes and to accelerate the pace of discovery and commercialization in Canada. Through partnerships, the unique capabilities, interests and resources of various and varied stakeholders can be brought together to deliver better outcomes