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    Searching: Choosing Terms

    Be Specific. You control how and where your terms are searched.

    Think about how the page you are looking for will be written and use words that are likely to occur on the page. The more specific the search terms the more likely a good result will be found. The documents at the top of the search results are going to be of more interest than the documents further down

    All Words: returns documents that contain all search terms, but not necessarily together, or in the same sequence. (e.g. "statistics are a deliverable of the policy sector")

    Any Words: returns documents that contain at least one of the search terms (e.g. either "sector" or "statistics" but not necessarily both)

    This Phrase: returns pages containing all search terms together, in the same order as a phrase. (e.g. 'sector statistics'). Enclosing the term in "double quotes" will have the same effect. This can be a very good way to restrict search results to fewer, and more specific documents.

    Title Only: specifies the part of the document to be searched. Search in "Title only" is a good way to narrow down a large result list to a good starting set. The content of the documents will not be searched

    Search Result Page

    All documents matching your search are displayed on the right side of the page.

    Recommended Sites: These sites have been identified as a good match to the search term.

    Refine by Category: The left side of the page shows the context of the search results by grouping them into categories. The categories provide context and help determine which documents will be most useful.

    Results are grouped by:

    • topic,
    • content type,
    • area of IC that produces the information (source)

    Sort by Date/Relevance: Sorts the result set according to most recent publication date or highest relevance.

    Hide Descriptions: Displays titles but not descriptions of all documents in the results. This is useful when quickly scanning a large result set for relevance.

    Show Highlighted Terms: Displays snippets of text from documents containing the search term. This provides useful context when sifting through results without opening documents.

    Search Defaults

    Capitalization: The search will automatically find both upper and lower case instances of any search term. The same results will be returned for 'Start up', 'Start UP', 'start up'.

    Word Variations: The search will automatically look for variations of search terms e.g. 'export', 'exports', 'exporting'.

    Multiple Terms and Weighting: searching for "sector statistics", will bring to the top of the result set those documents that contain both words together as a phrase. Documents that contain both words, but separately, will be further down in the result set. Higher ranking is also given to those documents that contain search terms in the title or in the description of the document.

    Advanced Search Syntax

    The search also supports the following syntax:
    Syntax Example Description
    "Quotes" "business technology" Finds the phrase business technology
    + museum + "natural history" Finds documents with the phrase "natural history" and the word museum
    - market - "price" Finds documents with the word market but not price.
    Title: title:"market price"
    +title:"market" price
    returns documents with the phrase market price in title returns documents with market in the title and possibly price in the document.