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ViXS Systems Inc.

Submission — ViXS Systems Inc.

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Submitter(s): Daub, Sally

Summary: Helping Canada's private sector unleash its potential and rank among the world's innovation leaders: this, in essence, is what the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development aims to accomplish. What government, industry, and research institutions are grappling with is that even with the generous federal government incentives that are provided to spur innovation in this country, we continue to lag behind our global peers.

At ViXS we strongly believe that innovation has to be a strong collaboration between government, industry and research institutions. We believe government, beyond providing appropriate incentives, must provide the framework for collaboration at every stage of research, development, innovation, and commercialization. This framework must be simple, focused and non-bureaucratic, and must take a strategic approach to foster true, seamless collaboration, that, if successful, will have a far greater net benefit to Canada than the silo approach we have today in this country.

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