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Vecima Networks Inc.

Submission — Vecima Networks Inc.

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Submitter(s): Wood, Hugh

Summary: Canada has a plethora of federal government support programs for R&D and Innovation in industry, yet business investment in R&D is at a level approximately 50% of that of our international peers. The inevitable observation has to be made than even with all the well-defined and well-presented federal programs, Canadian BERD is still sadly lacking, so there must be something seriously missing in the system. We propose that one of the major shortcomings of Canadian R&D is the lack of a well defined set of long term goals and strategies. As a result, smaller and shorter term projects are funded for individual companies without a view to the larger picture. We suggest that the federal government, perhaps through the auspices of the NRC, convene a serious joint effort between university, government, and business leaders to establish a set of goals and strategies, and that subsequently, government should fund, on a competitive basis, major long range, ambitious programs (not just 'projects') through businesses who would draw upon university and government lab resources to work toward the goals. As intermediate results are achieved, businesses, now very familiar with the technology and the opportunities, would pick up their own funding of spin-off results in order to commercialize them in the short and intermediate time frame. These same businesses would have been involved in the original definition of national goals and strategies, so they are firmly committed to the outcomes and the process. Other countries are using similar processes and have achieved a much higher involvement of industry in R&D and Innovation activities. It is important to study and evaluate what our international peers are doing. We must compete successfully on the world stage and we must find ways to fully involve business in the realities of modern R&D and Innovation.

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