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Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Submission — Toon Boom Animation Inc.

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Submitter(s): Bessoudo, Karina

Summary: Toon Boom Animation comments on the current level of Federal Government Research and Development support and the government's broad categorization of R&D eligible industries, its failure to understand the subtle differences of specialized industries within those categories, the lack of specialized categories and the reduction in the level of detailed technical submission documentation when applying for a tax credit. Also discussed in this document are: the difficulties in capital investment for non-Canadian investors, the insufficient supply of risk capital in Canada, the restrictive investment vision of venture capital in Canada, the importance of building relationships with colleges and universities to keep Canadian talent within the country. Toon Boom also identifies: weaknesses relating to revenue brackets for companies applying for R&D credits, sub-contracting of work, and delays in receiving tax credit funds.

Full submission: PDF Version