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The Mining Association of Canada

Submission — The Mining Association of Canada

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Submitter(s): Stothart, Paul

Summary: The mining industry is a significant contributor to wealth and prosperity in all Canadian regions, including the north, and in our largest cities as well. The industry has a leading global position in financing, in exploration, in foreign investment stocks and in production of several minerals. The mining industry including its extraction, production and metal fabricating activities has been a relatively large investor in research and development, exceeding the auto, forestry and machinery sectors for example. Even more importantly there are a range of scientific and technical challenges that lie ahead that require additional investment in R&D. There is a need for the federal government to be a more significant supporter of the industry's R&D priorities –both through tax measures and through direct funding. The limited government support of mining R&D is arguably a function of an unfocussed industry approach combined with an outdated stereotypical "low-tech" perception of the sector among some government officials and politicians. As one solution, a Canadian mining innovation council has recently been established to provide a more consistent and informed R&D advocacy voice in Ottawa.

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