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Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National

Submission — Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National

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Submitter(s): Draimin, Tim

Summary: Revitalizing Canada's innovation policy requires broadening the definition of innovation to embrace social innovation. By doing this, innovation can be more effective in sustainably generating both economic and social value for Canadians. It will demonstrate the relevance of innovation for tackling complex and intractable challenges facing our society. Innovation can no longer remain the domain of a few. Rather, its success calls for a national innovation strategy leveraging the creativity, competencies, and involvement of all sectors – government, industry and community – collaborating together in new ways. Succeeding at this requires new enabling policies, an expanded and networked innovation ecosystem (including innovation labs, hubs, and clusters as well as training and educational capacity building for strategic, collaborative leadership across sectors), and a robust finance marketplace serving all parts of the innovation cycle. To enable public sector's innovation, at least one percent of each department's budget should be dedicated to innovation.

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