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SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

Submission — SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

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Submitter(s): Angelini, Nicola

Summary: We believe that federal research and development initiatives are crucial to the industry and beneficial to Canadians and Canada's economy as a whole. They are also instrumental in helping companies position themselves in the global market place. There are improvements that could be made to several programs so that they reflect the business reality of the 21st century. The SR&ED program, which is a cornerstone of the government's R&D initiatives, could benefit from several changes over and beyond the efforts being made by CRA currently. Improving the SR&ED program will enable R&D to continue to grow organically in Canada. In parallel, the government, with the help of businesses and academia, should define a national innovation vision that could include three to five pathways – a mix of existing areas of innovation and new areas. This would address critical mass issues we are faced with, leverage Canada's natural resources potential and propel Canada to the status of innovation leader.

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