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Submission — Ryerson University

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Submitter(s): Vranic, Linda

Summary: This submission outlines Ryerson University's response to the Expert Panel Consultation Paper for the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development. Ryerson University has a long and successful history of applied research in collaboration with the private sector that has fostered greater productivity and commercialization. Within this context, our response focuses on ways of increasing the return on federal investment in business research and development.

Related to governments' focus on achieving maximum returns on public investments, both the federal and provincial governments have developed programs that link research closely to knowledge and technology transfer, and a stronger commitment to commercialization. Ontario's research and innovation strategy asserts that these factors are critical to creating and sustaining the next generation of high-knowledge, high-value jobs, and to ensuring ongoing prosperity and competitiveness.

Similarly, the Federal S&T strategy emphasizes the key role of translating knowledge into commercial applications for economic growth and improved quality of life. Ryerson's commitment to enriching society with the results of its research through application and commercialization contributing to clear social and economic benefits aligns well with the federal government's priorities outlined in the science and technology strategy. The process of knowledge transfer and exchange can take many forms. Methods include training students, publishing research papers, collaborating with industry partners, and developing and licensing commercial products.

Full submission: PDF Version