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Submitter(s): Hendlisz, Jacques; Julius, Michael

Summary: The overarching thrust of this submission is the need to contemplate the "whole" of an integrated innovation system. A review of the "front end" of the system and one of its key products, businesses, will indeed provide measures that ameliorate some private sector challenges. It does not, however, embrace the root challenges. Achieving an integrated system of innovation is predicated on understanding all of its elements. A firm commitment is required to the upstream investment in discovery research that keeps the commercialization pipeline rich and deep. In its absence, and without balanced investments in infrastructure, operating grants and salaries, Canada risks jeopardizing its ability to capitalize on past material investments, and will undermine current and future investments. In this context and throughout this submission, Research Canada refers to the experience of Mr. Cameron Piron and Sentinelle Medical Inc., a pioneering company devoted to transforming standard MRI machines into powerful tools for early detection of breast cancer, as an illustration of what is working, and what is not working, in government support for R&D in Canada

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