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Red River College

Submission — Red River College

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Submitter(s): Hoemsen, Ray

Summary: Red River College is a national post-secondary institutional leader in conducting applied research and graduating students with the skills needed by industry to innovate and be more productive. Since 2004, RRC has continually increased its academic focus on conducting applied research for the benefit of its students, faculty, industry, and local and national economies. The applied research centres, projects, and initiatives that have since been developed, have had tangible impacts on innovation and productivity enhancement – both regionally and nationally. We believe both the federal and provincial governments have done an admirable job in supporting innovation through enabling advanced research in post-secondary institutions across Canada. Their support needs to continue. We do believe that there are areas for improvement, and this regard, we underscore the important contributions of colleges to Canadian innovation and productivity, and the critical need to further leverage college capabilities in Canada.

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