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Submission — Queen's University

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Submitter(s): Liss, Steven N.

Summary: Building on a long history of research intensity and excellence and more recent industry-relevant research programs and partnerships, Queen's University is pleased to propose to the Expert Panel on Research and Development the following observations:

  • As the conditions to encourage more business R&D improve over time, universities will continue to play a critical role in directly driving commercialization.
  • Cities and regions are increasingly critical players in creating the foundation and environment for SMEs to grow and flourish.
  • More interaction is required to increase interaction between graduate students and business.
  • More support is required for personnel exchanges between the private sector and university faculty.
  • More balance between the capital and operational funding requirements for research infrastructure is required and current policies on access to and use of this equipment by industry must be scrutinized to improve the conditions for business participation in R&D.
  • Advancing social wealth offers great prospects for prosperity and productivity alongside more technologically-oriented innovation.

Full submission: PDF Version