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Prince Edward Island BIoAlliance

Submission — Prince Edward Island BIoAlliance

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Submitter(s): Lenentine, Jennifer

Summary: Over the past several years, the PEI Bioscience Cluster has established credibility as a focused and collaborative environment attractive to businesses commercializing new products in human and animal health and nutrition markets. Rapid growth in private sector revenue, employment, and business R&D has been enabled by the strategic use of federal and provincial government investment in scientific infrastructure and research expertise, risk capital, and business-research partnerships. The BioAlliance believes that federal policy tools like SR&ED, NRC-IRAP, and ACOA's Atlantic Innovation Fund, among others, have been essential building blocks for the success of the PEI Cluster. The BioAlliance suggests that the quality of the Cluster environment within which these tools are applied has a defining impact on the results achieved.

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