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Pleora Technologies Inc.

Submission — Pleora Technologies Inc.

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Submitter(s): Chamberlain, George

Summary: R&D, productivity and consequently growth of Canadian firms can be enhanced by:

  • Making updates to the SR&ED program that:
    • Eliminate the discontinuity that exists between CCPCs and non-CCPCs because of the abrupt elimination of refundable tax credits.
    • Encourage reinvestment of profits in the company allowing small companies to keep more than $500,000 in the company without losing their CCPC status or otherwise effecting the refundable nature of the tax credits they receive
    • Provided enhanced support to early-stage companies and companies that have experienced commercial success as evidenced by long-term revenue growth. It is these companies that have proven that their R&D is having a positive commercial impact.
  • R&D and overall productivity would be enhanced if the government provided additional R&D support to sectors that create technology and products that can be used by Canadian companies to enhance productivity
  • R&D would be enhanced with additional government support for recruiting and training of new employees for companies with less than $20M.
  • The Flow-Through share program being used to encourage investment in mining, oil & gas and energy is a valuable model to emulate to promote additional private investment in R&D for small companies.
  • Educational programs for small businesses and researchers to allow the cultural gap to bridged would be beneficial in increasing the success of private/public collaborations.
  • Fund new companies and companies with commercial programs that have been proven successful by enhancing their profits over the long term. Cut funding to companies who's R&D is not enhancing profits through top-line growth or margin improvement over the long term.

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