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Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Submission — Ontario Chamber of Commerce

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Submitter(s): Crispino, Len

Summary: The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present its formal submission to the Expert Review Panel on Federal Support to Research and Development (R&D). In its submission, the OCC focuses on the need to achieve the right policy mix for R&D – one that focuses not only on early stage scientific discoveries, but one that supports the full range of commercially viable business activities associated with R&D — from start ups, to SMEs, to large domestic and multi-national companies. The OCC also highlights the need to broaden the scope of existing funding programs to take into account that much activity linked to innovation has to do with the entire work of the company, as opposed to individual projects, and cannot always be reduced to easy-to-measure, tangible outcomes. Related to this, the OCC recommends that the government be less involved in predicting "strategic sectors", focusing instead on all early stage opportunities in up and coming sectors and looking at how to propel them forward. Finally, the OCC encourages the government to address regulatory uncertainties, delays and costs associated with driving new products to market, so that the costs of accessing government support are proportionate to the returns.

Full submission: PDF Version