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Michael Cornford Inc.

Submission — Michael Cornford Inc.

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Submitter(s): Cornford, Michael

Summary: We propose a Canadian R&D "pain board" for posting local industry R&D needs and making matches from outside the public R&D realm 'into the university system' – rather than the reverse strategy followed today by NSERC and other federal agencies. Expand the NSERC mandate to erase the deficit – with no new $ needed… and with results x15 or more… than from current public R&D investment.

We also propose that the incubator system and the generators (a la Discovery Parks in BC) be recognized for what they are – an essential investment element of innovation R&D infrastructure. For … as we all know … research = creation + dissemination. Let us repeat that ….

Research = creation + dissemination

The public investment cannot stop with just doing the research and writing it up in scholarly publications to then talking about it in the ether to get more $ to do the same again. Those $ must come from competitive returns on investment – from value – value from industry's new products. Otherwise we die and our innovative competitiveness runs a deficit. Ever heard this before? Valued dissemination comes from the proper combination of (a) pain-driven collaborative research; (b) UILO investments, (c) generators taking in new grads and providing collaborative research venues in the local economy … and a lot of ecosystem process knowledge – which is currently in short supply!

We have it … and we would like to share it — the only prerequisite is that the recipients must be prepared to innovate – and change!

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