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Merck Canada Inc.

Submission — Merck Canada Inc.

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Submitter(s): Massetti, Patricia

Summary: Merck Canada Inc. recommends the following:

  1. SRED – the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit should include an expanded definition of eligible activities and address the unpredictability and adversarial nature of the application process.
  2. Intellectual Property Protection –Innovative companies must have the right to appeal decisions on patent regulations. Data protection must be strengthened to that of EU and US standards. Canada needs to establish Patent Term Restoration as is the case in other jurisdictions.
  3. Regulatory Efficiency – we face non-competitively long wait times for submission reviews by Health Canada and the vagaries of unique assessment criteria by Health Canada submission reviewers. Greater harmonization of review criteria and processes and reference to other well recognized jurisdictions and their regulatory decisions is recommended.
  4. Market Access –a serious assessment of the role of CADTH/CDR should be conducted from the perspective of its impact on investment decisions and its impact on the Canadian health care system beyond the narrow focus of cost containment.
  5. Public Health Investment Certainty –Canada needs to commit to a long term, well funded national vaccines strategy and program in conjunction with the provinces and territories. Vaccines are exceptionally cost-effective and their development should be encouraged.

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