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Submission — McMaster University

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Submitter(s): Barber, H. Douglas

Summary: Some important observations about innovation in business have arisen from a life spent in R&D intensive business and from studies over the last ten years that have focused on why Canada, with amongst the most knowledgeable people in the world, performs poorly in the knowledge-based economy. For this panel the conclusions are that the Federal support programs for Industry are good but focus too narrowly on R&D. They should instead focus on innovation which requires revenue as the outcome of value created and exchanged. Our entrepreneurs also lack this same focus and so underperform. This lack of focus and success seems related to an absence of customer consciousness and of the subjective knowledge and skills to succeed in the very human level of the value exchange in the knowledge-based economy. The question arises of how the very large investments of the Federal Government in research in the post secondary learning environment may be shaping these skills and knowledge. This would take the expert panel into territory outside their mandate. However, it seems this might be critical in finding the way forward.

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