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McGill University and École de technologie supérieure

Submission — McGill University and École de technologie supérieure

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Submitter(s): Goldstein


Summary: Universities play an important role in the innovation chain through the performance of research and development, by training the next generation of skilled and innovation-oriented workers, by linking with industries to support their R&D needs and through their extensive networks of industrial and international partners. In 2007, universities conducted approximately 36% of the R&D performed in Canada, worth $10.4B. In its 2008 report, Compete to Win, the Policy Review Panel reported that the collaboration of universities with the business community is key in making Canada more competitive in the future. In addition, government can play a crucial role in enhancing R&D impact by not only providing funding for R&D but by also being first customer of university and industry commercial outputs through procurement policies. Doing so will result in the government using its investments and contributing to economic impact. We are proposing, in this joint submission, a new vision for inter University-industry partnerships that can serve as a national model for advancing Canadian Research and Development initiatives and successes. This partnership will fill in the innovation Death Valleys. We will demonstrate how very different institutions can work together with each other and industry for individual and national benefit.

Full submission: PDF Version