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Submission — JPOM Inc.

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Submitter(s): Wright, John

Summary: In the dynamic global business environment, driven by innovation and technology, Canada should be well positioned to compete effectively. Our above average investment (judged against our G8 partners) in R&D (public + private), educated and mobile labour force, healthy and profitable industrial base, should all argue in our favour. However, demonstrated performance falls short of our expectations. Positive R&D outcomes often fail to materialize as equivalent commercial results, and private investment in such ventures lags behind our international competitors, and is reflected in our very modest advancements in productivity. Why is this? The author suggests that this is a result of our incomplete understanding of the research, development, innovation and commercialization process, which leaves us voids that academia and industry have failed to bridge. This failing is compounded by a poorly developed venture capital environment, which if not corrected, will cause us to continue to under-perform in the knowledge-based (as compared to resource-based) sectors.

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