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Submission — Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity

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Submitter(s): Milway, Jim; Martin, Roger

Summary: We think the panel is on the right track. The Consultation Paper recognizes that innovation is critical to our standard of living and that it is much broader than scientific R&D. It also recognizes that innovation is affected by a system of factors influencing our companies' choices to adopt innovation as a competitive strategy – a choice that compels them to draw on a variety of inputs, not just R&D, in support of innovative activity. We have argued that innovation is different than R&D and invention. As we conclude in our attached paper, on the difference between innovation and invention, "What is Innovation – Really?", public policy is excessively focused on invention and not innovation. A broader focus on innovation would highlight the challenge we face in Canada with under developed management capabilities to drive the process. We have attached a summary of our recent research on this issue, "Canada's Systematic Under Investment in the Education of Managers, A Review of the Research."

Full submission: PDF Version