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Huron Technologies International Inc.

Submission — Huron Technologies International Inc.

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Submitter(s): Dixon, Ted

Summary: This submission proposes the formation of two new federal agencies to administer all R&D funding for Canadian companies, one for medium and large businesses, and one for small. This division reflects the special needs of and problems faced by small businesses, enables the government to focus R&D spending for optimum effect, and makes it easier for companies to navigate the large number of funding programs that presently exist. In particular, my proposal focuses on small business. I propose that the Small Business Agency condense all funding for research in small business into a single program, a Canadian version of the US Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. In particular, the refundable part of the SR&ED program (which focuses on small business) and the IRAP program should both be replaced by a new Canadian SBIR program. This will have the effect of providing small companies owned by Canadians with funding that is large enough to make a meaningful difference, will increase the number and success of new high-tech businesses, will reduce the cost of administering R&D funding, and will give the government the opportunity to choose which sectors to focus on. I propose that this new agency be administered by the National Research Council of Canada. I believe that this single change (the formation of a Canadian SBIR) will have a more positive effect on the formation of new high-tech companies and the strengthening of R&D capabilities in small Canadian companies than all of the new programs of the last ten years.

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