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Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Submission — Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

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Submitter(s): Watzke, James

Summary: Committed to student success through excellence in teaching and learning, Humber College is one of Canada's leading post-secondary institutions and serves more than 22,000 full-time students, enrolled in 150 career-focused full-time programs, including four-year bachelor's degrees, two and three-year diplomas, one and two-year certificates, and apprenticeship training. In alignment with its polytechnic mandate, Humber offers faculty and students the opportunity to participate in applied research activities that find solutions for issues confronting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This submission focuses on two key challenges that Humber faces with respect to its applied R&D agenda: 1) identifying and qualifying higher potential SMEs as applied R&D clients, and 2) effectively accessing the faculty and student expertise within the colleges/polytechnic environment. A small number of concrete recommendations to the above challenges are offered, all of which could be executed within the context of existing Federal R&D-related programs. Examples of these suggested recommendations include: a) replicating the Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation on a Federal level; b) increasing the rigor by which SMEs and college, polytechnic, or university R&D providers are "matched up"; c) expanding Tri-Council HQP talent development programs to include "Applied Research Facilitators", and d) adapting assorted Federal programs to acknowledge the significant contribution college/polytechnic graduates make to Canada's innovation and productivity agenda.

Full submission: PDF Version