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Honda Canada Inc.

Submission — Honda Canada Inc.

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Submitter(s): Gaetan, Louis

Summary: As one of the largest automotive manufacturer in Canada, Honda Canada Inc. operate 13 facilities and service 232 Honda and 48 Acura dealers coast-to-coast in Canada. Honda employs more than 5,000 Honda Canada Associates and provides employment to more than 21,000 Canadians through manufacturing, sales offices and dealerships across the country. Our success is built on planning for the long term and on our successful investments in the Canadian automotive market. As a large contributor to the Canadian economy and its innovation agenda, Honda Canada Inc. recognize the importance of ensuring that federal programs aimed at promoting R&D create and harbor an innovative community in Canada. While a number of programs exist for that purpose, particularly the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program, there are certain deterrents and heavy administrative burden that are preventing such programs from generating the level of innovation that is comparable to or exceeding other developed countries. Also, other aspects of business activities related to the commercialization of R&D such as business-university or business-college partnerships as well as linkages with provincial business and commercially-oriented R&D programs should be improved to provide companies with easier access to the full range of interrelated programs and incentives.

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