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Submitter(s): Cornford, Alan

Summary: The current investment ratio among public R&D, private R&D and PPP R&D processes that make up the Canadian Knowledge Management, Innovation and R&D ecosystem are not internationally competitive and as a result we are losing 25% compared to countries such as Finland for each new dollar invested in Canadian R&D. We have the wrong recipe and more investment in the current ratio will make things even worse. As one proxy, the flow of outputs from each of these processes per $100 million of public, private and PPP R&D performed is 6, 66 and 52 patents respectively (based on US NSF, AUTM and Tekes data over more than a decade). A move towards more PPP R&D is therefore very important. To increase our competitiveness (productivity + innovative capacity + leverage) we must increase private/public partnership (PPP R&D) collaboration — but it must be driven by 'local commercially relevant industry 'pain' using a 'pain board' — reversing the current focus from 'linking from university out' to "linking from industry into the university and public labs' — while also providing graduate employment and new product opportunities locally. This is how Finland gains increased leverage up to 15x over non-partnered public R&D — and we can do it too — but the R&D must align with local company 'pain'. And — of most importance — the strategy does not require any increase in R&D investment over current levels!

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