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Important note: The content of submissions and summaries is the sole responsibility of the person and / or organization having made a submission. The posting of this content does not indicate that the Panel supports or endorses it. Submissions and summaries are posted in the language provided without modification.

Submitter(s): Chong, Ida

Summary: The purpose of this submission is to articulate the perspectives and recommendations of British Columbian stakeholders with respect to improving Canada's investment outcomes. This submission identifies 16 recommendations for consideration by the federal R&D Review Panel. Recommendations in this submission have been developed in conjunction with industry, business, post-secondary institutions, and provincial ministries and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Government of British Columbia. The Province of British Columbia (the Province) recommends the R&D Review Panel and the Government of Canada consider all the key factors that influence business investments in R&D. Addressing only the federal programs that support these investments, while a useful exercise, provides a limited picture of the tools and mechanisms that could be used to increase business innovation. Additionally, it fails to recognize the influence of other aspects of innovation on R&D investment. As such, this submission extends beyond the immediate mandate of the Review Panel Terms of Reference to more broadly provide suggestions as to how to improve the Government of Canada's R&D investment outcomes.

Full submission: PDF Version