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Submission — GlaxoSmithKline

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Submitter(s): Clow, Dan

Summary: By definition R&D (comprised of basic research, applied research and experimental development) is a subset of the broader term, innovation (which also includes commercialization). Canada has historically focused heavily on investing in early R&D elements but has neglected to adequately support the later elements including commercialization. This provides a likely explanation for why our world-leading investment in R&D (relative to GDP) has not delivered a reciprocal return on innovation and productivity. Instead of investing in innovation – we've been investing in R&D! We need to shift the focus, however, this doesn't necessarily mean shifting government funding out of the research pot since many of the necessary changes don't require a direct financial investment as much as they require that the right policy framework is in place to ensure that incentives to innovation are aligned and impediments are removed.

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