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Submission — George Brown College

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Submitter(s): Luke, Robert; Catford, Peter

Summary: A summary of our most important recommendations is as follows:

  • The government should support the full range of R&D and innovation activities as defined by the OECD
  • A Canadian innovation strategy is needed to support business innovation. This strategy should include leveraging post-secondary institutions (PSIs) for human capital innovation support and access to R&D equipment.
  • Government should support clusters aimed at supporting business innovation in firms. Orient marketing, outreach and funding programs to the needs of industry and foster greater complementary linkages among all PSIs.
  • Expand the definition of highly qualified personnel and implement Conference Board of Canada recommendations on developing national innovation education requirements and linkages.
  • Continue and expand the suite of programs under the College and Community Innovation Program umbrella.
  • Streamline application processes and forms, encourage complementary PSI business innovation supports, and reduce overlap and increase cooperation among federal and provincial agencies.

Provide and "any point of entry" contact point for all involved in supporting business innovation.

Full submission: PDF Version