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Submission — Genome Canada

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Submitter(s): Meulien, Pierre

Summary: Genome Canada is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate from the Government of Canada to develop and implement a national strategy in Genomics research for the benefit of all Canadians and spans five areas of economic interest to Canada, Human Health, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and the Environment. Genome Canada funds large-scale research and development projects, and supports the development of technologies that enable Canadians to maintain leadership in key areas of the genome sciences. Based on our experience over the past decade, we agree that Canada must become more successful in translating ideas into innovations—the services and products that make Canada more competitive. We believe that Canada's suite of programs that encourage innovation needs to be adjusted to facilitate technology transfers through closer interface between universities, entrepreneurs and the private sector. Also essential are efforts to provide greater access to venture capital at the pre-and post-company creation stage, when projects are still high risk and access to capital is the most difficult. Canada requires urgent action to stem the loss of clinical research to lower cost jurisdictions in other parts of the world. Canada needs new models for managing intellectual property that are fully competitive with those of our trading partners. Finally, Canada needs to better coordinate the innovation environment, avoid duplication and the fragmentation of this complex but critical process of value creation.

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