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Submission — FOODTECH Canada

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Submitter(s): Shinn, Joy

Summary: FOODTECH Canada is a network of leading innovation and commercialization Centres from across Canada, committed to turning research and development into innovative products for the food and bioproducts industry. FOODTECH's members work with industry to produce leading edge products, in the food, feed, natural health products and bioLproduct areas. As such, they have significant experience undertaking R&D and providing many of the components businesses need to translate ideas into commercial realities. Working closely with over 1,000 companies annually, enables food centres to understand barriers and challenges to innovation, from the private sector's viewpoint. Where the government of Canada could improve Canada's Innovation performance is to embrace the broad concept of innovation, and expand the focus from traditional R&D activity. This includes access to scientific research as well as technical knowledge, infrastructure and equipment, and support for precommercial activities that result in the implementation a product (good or service). In doing so, the Government should recognize the scientific expertise residing in varied technical organizations, allowing them access to federal R&D programming, particularly with organizations that have a track record of supporting businesses' R&D requirements. The Government should support the formation of networks between these innovation organizations and further invest in their innovation infrastructure.

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