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Submitter(s): Baldwin, Susan

Summary: "High Performance Computing (HPC) is as fundamental to business in the digital economy as power, telephones and internet access. Some Canadian companies, such as animation and aerospace, are very successfully using HPC to position themselves and their products as world leaders. Canadian universities provide a research environment that utilizes high performance computing equipment and that develops the expertise to both use and support that equipment in an R&D environment. By building on the strengths of each, by bringing together the talent, the ideas and the knowledge, and the entrepreneurial expertise, by creating a public-private partnership in a virtual Canadian Institute for Supercomputing that expands the existing national HPC platform centered at Canadian universities it will be possible to accelerate innovation by applying high performance computing to R&D in the business sector. "The investments required for scientific and economic success include many areas in addition to the cost of the computers. The most critical area is human expertise, including the scientists and researchers as well as the experts in using the supercomputers." (IDC 2010) It is time to put the pieces together to create a partnership between academia and business that will stimulate R&D, accelerate innovation and bring the benefits to Canadians."

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