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Submitter(s): Godbehere, Suzanne

Summary: For the past seven years, CMA Canada has consistently advocated policies aimed at stimulating the growth of productivity, the essential components of which are well documented – human capital, physical capital, and innovation. We prefer to focus on innovation, or what we call creativity, because it represents the extraction of value from the other two components of productivity – human and physical capital – through inventiveness. In this submission, we focus our attention on innovation supported by the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED) and by protecting intellectual property rights. Specifically we call for:

  1. full refundability of SR&ED credits for all claimants;
  2. faster access to earned tax credits;
  3. improvements to the administration of the program; and
  4. strengthening and vigorous enforcement of Canada's intellectual property laws to help support innovators.

Full submission: PDF Version