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Submission — City of Toronto

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Submitter(s): Williams, Michael H.

Summary: As home to several of the Canada's top research institutions, largest industry clusters and the highest rate of small and medium business start-ups, the City of Toronto is a large 'stakeholder' in federal support for research and development. A sizable share of federal R&D program spending makes its way to Toronto because of the significant amount of eligible activity that occurs here. By most accounts these programs are helpful to those that use them, and their accessibility has improved. But what prevents federal efforts from having their greatest impact, in Toronto and elsewhere, is a lack of focus. Specifically, the federal suite of programs could identify particular areas of opportunity for innovation, and build on existing regional networks and knowledge. The most effective way to achieve this focus is to align federal programs with local economic development and sector strategies, where specific needs and catalytic projects have already been identified. This approach will encourage more business expenditure on R&D and more broadly beneficial innovations.

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