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Marshall, Patrick Nelson

Submission — Individual / interested citizen

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Submitter(s): Marshall, Patrick Nelson

Summary: Canada's Research and Development mission has devolved into a post-war oriented super infrastructure that fails to meet innovation on the ground. We are consumed by process. We continue to be distracted by old ideas regarding partisan and regional politics that drive old and outdated mandates in regions where the economic condition is the opposite of the premise for operating. We need to eliminate these old, outdated, and academic notions of what is a business and focus on investing in innovation and not picking winners. We are stuck in the Staples Theory of the economy that still focuses on predicting market prices of raw commodities when Canada's finest contribution to the world economy is our intellectual property. Stop dumping cash into Universities and Colleges that are not accountable for the positive impacts they produce and stop funding regional diversification initiatives that compete with one another and provide for imbalanced advantage in the market. Let's strip it down, remake it and be visible, not transparent, before we miss yet another innovation cycle. Today, they are thirty-six months and getting shorter.

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