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Canadian Light Source Inc.

Submission — Canadian Light Source Inc.

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Submitter(s): Ribeiro, Sandra

Summary: Public research and development is an important player in supplying industry with new ideas and products to capture and retain market leadership positions. Government can provide and enhance incentives for industry to work with Canada's public sector to encourage and support the joining of Canadian science with industry. Improved intellectual property policies in academic institutions that would protect the interests of industry partners while enabling academics to publish openly, would advance academic partnerships with business. Expanding the IRAP program and partnering with the provinces would extend its benefit to business and enhance the formation of SMEs and their ability to access Canada's research infrastructure. Conversely, the Industrial regional benefits program (IRB) could be improved to play a larger role in encouraging innovation by requiring a portion of the IRB funds to be specifically directed at research and development through industry/public research partnerships. The Government of Canada could also alleviate the regulatory burden, which is currently too onerous relative to Canada's market size. Federal and provincial government partnerships are an essential component of fostering innovation across Canada. Canada should work towards becoming a leader in R&D investments, both through funding projects, industry-academic collaborations, as well as building and maintaining world-class scientific infrastructure. Finally, an important component of innovation is big science infrastructure, which cannot be borne by a single institution or company, but is important to the future competitiveness and innovation of industry.

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