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Canadian Gas Association

Submission — Canadian Gas Association

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Submitter(s): Egan, Timothy M.

Summary: The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the Review of Federal Support for Research and Development. The attached note provides an overview of the role of natural gas in Canada's energy system and the opportunities that R&D into natural gas-related technologies can play in contributing to Canada's energy future. CGA has a particular interest given our own recently launched collaborative – Energy Technology and Innovation Canada (ETIC) – aimed at promoting deployment and commercialization opportunities for natural gas technologies.

In the following we address many of the Panel's consultation questions. In summary, we believe there is significant potential for government R&D into natural gas and natural gas-based technology. Natural gas provides an extensive contribution to Canada's energy needs (30% of end use) through its direct connection to over half of Canada's population in our homes, businesses and industry. Support in the form of R&D promises many more advantages including the economic and environmental benefits of greater energy efficiency and significant improvements in industrial productivity, all with a clean, abundant, reliable, domestic energy source.

Full submission: PDF Version