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Submission — Canada Foundation for Innovation

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Submitter(s): Patry, Gilles G.

Summary: To become more innovative and competitive, private-sector companies are increasingly tapping into the expertise and advanced infrastructure that have resulted from sustained investments by the Government of Canada. In addition, these investments are producing a healthier, more productive workforce, smarter regulations, sound macroeconomic decisions and the unforeseen technological advances that will create the industries of tomorrow. All are necessary ingredients of an innovative economy. The Canada Foundation for Innovation plays a key role in building capacity for advanced research and technology development, the training of highly qualified personnel and the transfer of knowledge into the development of new products and services by funding the infrastructure needed by Canada's most accomplished researchers. The private sector both contributes substantial financial resources to the development of Canada's now world-class research capacity, and taps into this capacity, through partnerships and contracting, to find solutions to the challenges they face. The most recent information indicates that Canadians in all sectors are now reaping the rewards the Government of Canada's sustained, consistent investment in research.

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