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Submission — Augurex Life Sciences Corp

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Submitter(s): Biln, Norma K.

Summary: I commend the federal government of Canada on this initiative. At Augurex we are sincerely grateful for the support that we have received from the programs available for start-up biotechnology companies. In order for Canada to be a world leading innovator, a critical success factor is for government to create a supportive infrastructure and set of programs that are suitable to companies throughout their development life-cycle right through to commercialization. Similar to child-rearing and employee development, different types and levels of support are needed at different stages for the best possible outcome until the individual (or organization) is self-sufficient. Advisory groups comprised of such member companies should outline current issues and develop a rolling set of recommendations on regular and defined basis for the federal government to consider in fine-tuning programs that are responsive to changing market times. Applying this approach will maximize the benefits derived by Canada through a thriving biotechnology sector.

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