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Athabasca University

Submission — Athabasca University

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Submitter(s): Pannekoek, Frits

Summary: As Canada's premier distance post-secondary education and research institution, Athabasca University is in a unique position to comment on some of the questions raised by this panel regarding government support of research in Canada. We are pleased to provide our comments to the Panel; this submission focuses on four recommended strategic suggestions for the direction of government funding and incentives for R&D at the university level in Canada:

  1. Modify current government tax credit and investment incentive programs to encourage more venture capital and corporate investment in innovative research through Universities.
  2. Enhancing the environment to encourage more students to pursue graduate level degrees (Master, PhD).
  3. Encouraging more part-time students to complete their graduate degrees while continuing to contribute and innovate in the workforce.
  4. Modify current limitations in the Government of Canada's Lifelong

Full submission: PDF Version