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Submission — Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

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Submitter(s): Davidson, Paul

Summary: Increasing business innovation will be a key driver of Canada's future prosperity. Business innovation includes generating new products and services, as well as developing new ways of thinking about how products, processes and people can interact to create maximum value for society. Governments, universities and colleges each play a unique and important role in contributing to private sector innovation. Supporting broad-based innovation requires policies and programs that help the private sector to capitalize upon the ideas and knowledge of Canada's talented, educated and entrepreneurial people through effective networks and collaborations, and adequate capital and financing support. The strengths of Canada's universities – using a national platform with deeply rooted international linkages to conduct groundbreaking research and develop graduates with 21st century skills – are a vital element of Canada's innovation system. As a key contributor, universities recognize the importance of and are eager to partner with other sectors to leverage our collective strengths, delivering the greatest benefit for Canada. With this in mind, Canada's universities are proposing a series of initiatives that will provide incentives for greater collaboration among all sectors, and drive increases in private sector R&D and innovation.

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