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Association of Canadian Community Colleges

Submission — Association of Canadian Community Colleges

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Submitter(s): Brazeau-Monnet, Anne

Summary: As Canada grapples with the need to enhance innovation and productivity, the dynamic ties between colleges and institutes and their private sector partners are coming to the fore. Colleges and institutes are catalysts which help SMEs start, develop and grow. They provide applied research for innovation, product and process improvement, access to new technologies, and graduates with advanced skills, all of which make SMEs Canada's prime source of employment growth. ACCC has advocated for increased recognition of colleges' and institutes' role in applied research, in particular their pivotal role in the application and commercialization of new knowledge with industry partners. The Government of Canada has begun to recognize the contribution of colleges and institutes to economic growth however, federal investment to colleges constitutes less than 1% of total R&D expenditures. ACCC recommends an increase to 5% designated to colleges and institutes and their private sector partners.

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