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Submission — Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations

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Submitter(s): Saryeddine, Tina

Summary: ACAHO believes that an integrated policy environment that supports organizations in the adoption of innovation as a business strategy, can help to increase productivity. To this effect, there are hundreds of examples from Canada's research hospitals, academic regional health authorities, and their research institutes: ranging from innovative models of care that improve health and that are sought after internationally, to spin-off companies, international collaborations, and world firsts. These organizations adopt innovation as strategy by virtue of their explicit and integrated three-part mandate, which includes: (1) caring for patients and populations; (2) conducting research, discovery, innovation, and commercialization; and (3) training future health professionals and researchers. As such, they provide a crucial nexus between research and development (R&D) inputs and the potential flow-through effects to health and life sciences. However, they do so in a policy context that can better leverage and integrate their roles as both partners in, and drivers of, innovation. In this submission, we discuss opportunities to better link R&D inputs to outputs and to leverage the national role that ACAHO member organizations play in health-related innovation and with the private sector. We hope our comments provide a productive set of lenses through which to consider innovative possibilities for Canada. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these further with you.

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