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Submission — ALMA Consulting Group

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Submitter(s): Trotic, Terry

Summary: Alma Consulting Group (formerly Pinchevsky & Co) has been providing SR&ED support and tax credit services to taxpayers in Canada for over 12 years. The firm has successfully assisted in the delivery of thousands of SR&ED claims over that time. The SR&ED program has been critical in the development, growth and success of thousands of companies across Canada. It is an integral part of a taxpayer's means to invest in their future and to compete globally, from a technology standpoint. The United States and many European governments continue to maintain a strong commitment to R&D investment through these difficult times. Other nations are evaluating or have recently introduced R&D incentives. Canada has been one of the leaders in this area and must continue to support and encourage industry to invest in Canada's future through Incentive Tax Credit Programs, such as the SR&ED program.

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