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Aéro Montréal

Submission — Aéro Montréal

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Submitter(s): Benoît, Suzanne

Summary: Aéro Montréal (the Aerospace Cluster of Québec), in collaboration with CRIAQ (Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec), the newly created « Le Regroupement pour l'avion plus écologique » (The More Ecological Aircraft Group), and AQA (Québec Aerospace Association) which is the voice of Québec aerospace SMEs, formulates six main recommendations based on its answers to the Panel's questions. Firstly, the Federal Government should support an increase in industrial R&D expenditures from the current 5% of revenues to 15%, by reviewing terms and conditions of existing programs and introducing new programs. The Government should also specifically increase support and introduce new programs for SMEs and suppliers while streamlining the overall number of R&D funding programs, and harmonizing federal and provincial priorities and programs. It must encourage participation in international R&D programs by providing matching funds, redirect existing university funding programs to better address industry needs and redesign the SR&ED program to include technological innovation in its scope and to make it more flexible.

Full submission: PDF Version