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Addressing Canada's Innovation Gap

Submission — Addressing Canada's Innovation Gap

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Submitter(s): Khan, Shahab

Summary: "Addressing Canada's Innovation Gap" is a group of close to 300 public, private and academic professionals from across Canada with representation at all levels and all provinces. The goal of this group is to share success stories and efforts underway to be supported and leveraged to help drive innovation efforts nationally. To that end, a number of group members have agreed to co-author a consolidated response in support of the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development panel to help you address the following questions:

  • What federal initiatives are most effective in increasing business R&D and facilitating commercially relevant R&D partnerships?
  • Is the current mix and design of tax incentives and direct support for business R&D and business-focused R&D appropriate?
  • What, if any, gaps are evident in the current suite of programming, and what might be done to fill these gaps?

Our group's response focuses in two areas of improvement that we feel will have the strongest impact on successfully facilitating business-focused R&D activities. The first involves the consistency and speed of the investment. The second involves the investment split between academic and business-focused R&D efforts

Full submission: submission 080