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ABB Bomem Inc., Bristol Aerospace Ltd., Composites Atlantic Ltd., Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) Information Systems

Submission — ABB Bomem Inc. Bristol Aerospace Ltd. Composites Atlantic Ltd. Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) Information Systems

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Submitter(s): Roy, Jean-Réné; O'Connor, Dave; Guitton, Maurice; Iskander, Mag

Summary: The space sector has consistently delivered innovation by and for Canadians for decades, resulting in the creation of culture-defining icons such as the Canadarm and landmark achievements such as making Canada the third country in space, with the launch of the Alouette research satellite in 1962. Since that time, Canada has built a strong industry, with expertise ranging from communications, remote sensing and science satellites to space robotics and services related to space activities. The Canadian space sector generates over $3 billion in revenues per year and employs over 7,500 Canadians, of which 3770 are highly qualified professionals working in some 200 firms, and generates 49% of its revenues from exports, making it a true international success story. Since Research & Development (R&D) is the lifeblood of the space business, we feel it is important to participate in the continuous improvement of R&D policies and results in Canada. The current situation, however, is not rosy, as recent changes to how R&D funding is disbursed and intellectual property is shared is stifling innovation and putting Canadian industry at risk of falling behind international competitors who are fuelled by significant R&D funding by their national governments. In this context, the four companies which are part of this brief to the Federal R&D Expert Review panel welcome this initiative by the Government to consult its stakeholders on such an important issue.

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