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Expert Panel Consultation Paper: Appendix 2

Illustrative List of Federal R&D Programs

This list is illustrative in nature and intended for discussion purposes only. Consistent with its mandate, the Panel's activities may focus on any and all federal programs that have an impact on business or commercially oriented R&D. As such, during the course of its work, the Panel may choose to examine programs that are not listed. It may also choose to exclude from examination some of the programs that are listed.

Ideas and knowledge (including programs relating to more than one input to innovation)

  1. Atlantic Innovation Fund — ACOA
  2. Automotive Innovation Fund — IC
  3. Business and Regional Growth Program — CEDQ
  4. Business Development Program — ACOA
  5. Collaborative Health Research Projects — NSERC
  6. Idea to Innovation Program — NSERC
  7. Industrial Research Assistance Program — NRC
  8. NRC Institutes and Laboratories:
    • Biotechnology Research Institute
    • Canadian Hydraulics Centre
    • Centre for Surface Transportation Technology
    • Industrial Materials Institute
    • Institute for Aerospace Research
    • Institute for Biodiagnostics
    • Institute for Biological Sciences
    • Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology
    • Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
    • Institute for Information Technology
    • Institute for Marine Biosciences
    • Institute for Microstructural Sciences
    • Institute for Nanotechnology
    • Institute for Ocean Technology
    • Institute for Research in Construction
    • Plant Biotechnology Institute
    • Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences
  9. Next Gen Biofuels Fund — SDTC
  10. Northern Ontario Development Program — IC/FedNor
  11. Proof of Principle Program — CIHR
  12. Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program — FIN/CRA
  13. Space Technologies Development Program — CSA
  14. Southern Ontario Development Program — FedDev ON
  15. Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative — IC
  16. Technology Development Program — DND
  17. Western Diversification Program — WD

Talented, educated and entrepreneurial people

  1. Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships — NSERC
  2. Industrial R&D Fellowships — NSERC
  3. Industrial R&D Internship Program — Tri-Council
  4. Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards — NSERC

Capital and financing

  1. BDC Venture Capital — BDC

Networks, collaboration and linkages

  1. Agricultural Bioproducts Innovation Program — AAFC
  2. Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative — FedDev ON
  3. Automotive Partnership Canada — IC portfolio
  4. Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence — Tri-Council
  5. Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research — Tri-Council
  6. Collaborative Research and Development Grants — NSERC
  7. College and Community Innovation Program — NSERC
  8. Contributions to FPInnovations — NRCan
  9. Engage Grants — NSERC
  10. Growing Forward — Canadian Agri-Science Clusters — AAFC
  11. Growing Forward — Science to Support Commercialization of New Agri-Based Products — AAFC
  12. Growing Forward — Supporting the Innovative Capacity of Farmers — AAFC
  13. Industrial Research Chairs — NSERC
  14. Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research Program — CIHR
  15. Interaction Grants — NSERC
  16. Networks of Centres of Excellence — Tri-Council
  17. SD Tech Fund — SDTC
  18. Strategic Network Grants — NSERC
  19. Strategic Project Grants — NSERC
  20. Strategic Workshops — NSERC
  21. Technology Clusters Program — NRC
  22. Technology Development Program — FedDev ON
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List of departmental and agency acronyms

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Business Development Bank of Canada
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canada Revenue Agency
Canadian Space Agency
Department of National Defence
FedDev ON
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario
Finance Canada
Industry Canada
National Research Council Canada
Natural Resources Canada
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Comprises three granting councils: NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR
Western Economic Diversification Canada